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Professional Wildlife Services for Orlando, Florida
Keep wildlife out permanently.

Close the entry points and reinforce vulverable areas.

Repairs are often in tight spots ...
Repairing Entry Sites
Once the inspection has been performed, Wildlife Patrol will have identified areas of the structure that are allowing animals to enter. Closing these sites is essential to protecting the building for the long term. If only trapping is performed, the target animals may all be caught... but unless the structure is secured, the problem will recur when new animals find these weak points.

The repairs needed are unique to the structure and the cost involved in their closure is determined once the site is fully inspected. In general, large animals (raccoons or opossums) enter through one site; whereas smaller animals (rats and squirrels) enter through multiple sites. This means that in general more repairs are required for rodents than for large animals.

Repairs are performed at the same time as the trap setup. The repairs assist the trapping process in that they guide animals into our traps or confuse the animals, making them easier to catch.
requiring tricky ladder work.

The Wildlife Patrol Advantage
  • The owners of this company will perform the repairs themselves. This translates to higher quality work - stronger, longer-lasting, and better looking.

  • We will work from the inside of the attic when possible in areas other companies will not trust to send their employees.

  • We give all customers a full evaluation of the home and the work that should be done. We evaluate your home on the principle of what we would do for our own home. Repair recommendations are ranked in the order we judge their importance.

  • All repairs performed by Wildlife Patrol are guaranteed against re-entry; and we fully expect our repairs to last permanently.

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