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How To Remove Raccoons - Altamonte Springs, Florida

No matter what animal is inside the attic, it cannot stay there. All animals from rats to raccoons need to outside for food and water. This is the basis for this type of trapping.

Click here to listen to the characteristic raccoon baby vocal noise
Lake Mary raccon removal attic image
An adult raccoon peers out of the entry point it ripped open to get into the attic.

Lake Mary squirrel trapped photo

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The entry point is
repaired and sealed with metal flashing. Raccoons leave behind a large mess in the attic. Decontamination services are strongly recommended.

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Here is a second example. The entry point in this photo is the junction of the soffit and roof. This method of raccoon removal in Orlando, Florida cannot be performed in all circumstances. Some homes in FL cannot be set this way depending on the architecture. Tile roof homes in particular cannot usually be setup this way.

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If raccoons have moved into some confined space in your attic, chimney, wall spaces, or into the rooms of an unoccupied building, there’s an easy way to evict them. Do not poison the raccoons unless you have a high tolerance to the ungodly smell of decaying flesh. Instead use Rid-a-critter® or Shake-Away™ (hung in net bags or tied-off sections of nylon stockings). Rid-a-critter® fumes can pose health risks in a confined space, so you shouldn’t use this remedy if people or pets will be exposed; and Shake-Away™ may not provide sufficient incentive for well-established resident raccoons to decamp. In such cases you can get rid of raccoons by trapping them with one or more baited live traps, sealing up their entrances once you are sure they are all gone, spraying the sealed-up areas with Ro-pel®, and then installing an ultrasonic device in the formerly infested area. (We don’t sell kill-traps because of the dangers they can pose to pets, children, and even adults in the hands of anyone who is not a skilled professional; but if you opt to release live-trapped raccoons, you should release them far away–some say as far as 20 or 30 miles away–in order to ensure they don’t return.)

We also don’t sell moth balls, which are generally available at drug stores and supermarkets; but you can click on any of the following headings to reach the other recommended products:


Orlando Snake Removal

It’s easy to assume that raccoons only live in the wild. This is untrue. They will camp out in your parked RV, under decks and patios, in new or abandoned cars, and anywhere inside your home, garage or children’s playhouse.

As humans build their homes and businesses closer and closer to natural raccoon habitat, the animals will take up residence in manmade living spaces. These locations are warm and often surrounded by food sources for both males and females, young and old. Females, in particular, enjoy the safety of human areas. They must protect their babies from predators, including males that desire to harm them. Attics, chimneys and crawl spaces are hot spots in your home where they seek shelter. Some mothers go so far as to tuck their babies down into wall cavities. If a male enters your home when a female is already living there, you will surely hear the sounds of mating or fighting, or both.  

Not only can raccoons wreak havoc on your garden and sod, the ring-tailed mammals may hit closer to home by causing damage to your house as they try to gain entry. They will also raid garbage cans in search of food. In cities and suburban areas, a chimney may serve as a comfy substitute for a hollow tree as a raccoon den site. In other cases, the intelligent “coons” tear off shingles and other structural pieces to access an attic or wall space. At this point especially, the raccoon-control experts at United Wildlife control needs to be called for safe and humane removal of the animal.


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