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Rat Removal Orlando for rats, bats, mice, &squirrels

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How To Eliminate Rat, Mouse, Rodent Pest Problems

The best Rat Removal Orlando for rats is to look at reducing the number around the house and on the roof, sealing all opening and weakpoints of the building, trapping extensively for any rodents sealed inside when the repairs are done, and lastly removing the rodent marking scent from the attic.

  • 1). Landscaping:  
    No fallen citrus fruits left lying on the ground, no trees resting against the side of the house, and no overgrown cluttering bushes around the house. The first step of getting rid of a rat problem is to reduce the number on the outside around your house. There will always be rats outside. But the condition of the yard determines whether only occasional rats will pass by or whether rats will consistently be crawling around the house and roof. When rats are consistently around a house, they will inevitably find their way inside.

    The most important factor of landscaping is to make sure all tree branches are 3 feet away from the roof - try to keep as many Orlando Pests off your roof as possible!

    orlando pest rat problem

  • 2). Inspect the building for openings, and seal all weak points.  
    All homes have potential openings where Orlando pests can get in.  The most common entry points are along the eave, particularly where the soffit corners into the roof.  When rats entered a building, they consistently have to go outside to get food and water.

  • The most important step in solving a rat or mouse problem is finding and closing off all the entry points into the home.
    rat entry point rat getting in
    rodent in home mouse in house

    Entry points should be sealed with steel.  Foaming holes will not rat proof the entry point, as they can easily chew through it.  But foaming the entry points and having them chewed open will at least tell you exactly how the rats are getting in.  All of our Rat Removal Orlando repairs are warranteed for 1-year against pest re-entry.

  • 3). Trap for the pest rodents sealed inside.
    You need the right type of trap, a large number of traps, and the right location to set the trap. Click here to see Wildlife Patrol's guide to trapping rats.

  • The key to catching rats is to stop their ability to go outside to get food. The only food for them should be the bait on the traps.

    Orlando pest control image
    Trapping alone does not solve a rat problem. The building must be secured. Rat re-entry will occur if the entry points are not identified and closed off.

  • 4). Remove the rodent scent
    After the building has been sealed and all the rodents removed, the droppings and scent of the animals remains inside the attic. For health, odor, and scent reasons, Wildlife Patrol recommends attic decontamination services for most homes that have had a significant rat problem. Rats in the attic leave behind a scent that other rats will pick up and leave the attic marked. Attic cleaning is performed by vacuuming out droppings and nesting material, and then spraying down all insulation and wall wells with Bioshield decontaminant.

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          Animal Removal in Orlando, Florida:

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          call for rat removal: 407-810-1381


    Servicing in proofing so no new rats can enter, experts in Rat feces Cleanup: The rat removal leave behind them a nasty mess of odors and feces, but there is no job to big or small for us. Rat removal experts in Identifying and removing the rat or rats: Making sure those pests don't return. Masters of Proofing: Identify all entry points, seal them off, catch the rat. We are sure to solve Orlando Rat problems!

    Rodent management, control, removal, and elimination begins with a thorough inspection of the structure, building, or property needing such attention. Identifying your rat removal "target" is an important step in deciding what procedure in control must be taken. Our inspection consists of a meticulous overview of the entire property.
    Rats, experts as they are pests, will find their way into your home at one time or another. Preventive removal maintenance although very important, is far from Orlando rat removal. To many people the solution is off the shelf products poisons and baits. That unless administered properly can endanger non target pests, and cause rat problems than they are worth. When dealing with poisons or chemicals let the Orlando exterminators handle it for best results. Rats are underestimated by most people; they are insect disease, infested rodents and should be maintained under control. When left unattended they will turn your home into an insect, urine, feces, and disease breeding ground. Urine and feces infested attics can pose a great health threat to you and your family.
    Rat removal for a home is the first step in exclusion. To do a proper job you must go where the rat removal goes, identify main and all possible entry points.


    Orlando traps (Tin Cat and Run Way) allow mice to enter the trap but have one-way doors that prevent them from killing rats.  Once your mice have been captured, these traps are designed for easy release or removal of the unwanted rodents and your humane live traps will once again be ready to set back into areas where mice are a rat problem in Orlando.
    For chipmunk removal use the Rat Trap.  This is a humane live trap that can be used to trap rats, mice and is a favorite for those who own pet rodents that frequently escape and need to be captured in a home or classroom Florida attic pest.
    For situations where baits and kill traps are not acceptable for rat removal, use the humane Rat and Squirrel Trap.  This rat trap is perfect for capturing large critter and is designed to not harm animals.  Professionally designed for easy catch and release.

    Rodent baits are simply materials that rodents love to eat that have rat and mouse killing chemicals, usually anti-coagulants.  There are many different forms of rat baits on the market; Orlando rat removal experts usually prefer bait pellets (in bulk or place pack packaging) and bait blocks.  When using a tamper resistant bait station or baiter, bait blocks are the safest form to use.  Pellets are easily scattered by the rats, leaving a potentially lethal bait in unwanted areas that can effect non-target mice or animals.  Certain rat removal bait blocks are manufactured especially for rodent bait stations such as the Protecta Rat Bait Station and the RTU Mouse Bait Station.  Contrac Bait Blocks are best for these types of baiters.  You can also use Talon Weather Bloks and Generation Mini Blocks in rodent bait stations.  If there are guard dogs or pets in the area, Contrac is best.  Avoid using Talon in areas where pets might possibly come into contact with your rat bait.


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