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Orlando Trappers - trap rats, squirrels, raccoons, snakes, armadillos.

Trapping the problem critter in any given circumstance is dependent on:

  • correctly identifying the problem specie
  • choosing the correct trap to place
  • positioning the trap based on understanding the animal's behavior
  • being able to make adjustments when initially unsuccessful

  • The trapper links below show the animals which are responsible for the most common wildlife problems here in  Florida.
trapping rats Florida How To Trap Rats and Mice     Rat trapping can go wrong a number of ways. Rats are intelligent animals and their capture is not easy. What kind of traps work best? Where should they be laid?
squirrel trapper pic Orlando Squirrel Trappers     Trapping squirrel is either done using food baited traps or by setting one way traps at a point the squirrel must walk through.  The best results come when the home is sealed except for one or two entry / exit points where traps are set.  Read on for more squirrel trapping advice...
Florida wildlife trapper Orlando Trappers For Opossum     Opossum are probably the easiest of all animal to trap for. When the animal has entered an attic or crawlspace, there is a specific technique to use to make certain you catch the target animal. Many possum in attic jobs can be solved immediately by grabbing the animal or by setting up a 1-way door at the entry point.
possums removal image Orlando Trappers of Florida armadillo    
Florida armadillos cannot be lured into a trap - their food is everywhere!. Armadillo do not respond to baited traps.   Learn the techniques to use to catch and remove armadillo.  Armadillos can be a tough Florida critter to trap.
critter trap control Orlando Raccoon Trappers     Raccoons are numerous in Florida and trapping them can be as simple as setting and baiting a raccoon trap.  But when an Orlando trapper is going after 1 particular raccoon such as the case of a raccoon using an attic, raccoons can be challenging to catch.  Particularly when baby raccoons are inside the home attic.


Wildlife Patrol is an Orlando Trapping Pest Control company.  We serve all of Central Florida including Sanford, Kissimmee, Lake Mary, Windermere, and Winter Park.

If Florida wildlife is damaging your property or keeping you up at night, give our Orlando trappers a call and we will solve your animal control problem: 407-810-1381.

Our company now serves Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, and Sarasota.
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Animal trapping is perhaps one of the first methods of hunting.  Orlando trapper methods used for trapping animals during the 4th century BC. The Orlando trapper reads, "The sleek-furred fox and the elegantly spotted leopard...canít seem to escape the disaster of nets and traps.Ē "Modern" Steel jaw-traps were first described in western sources as early as the late 16th century.  The first mention comes from a book on animal trapping. It reads, " a griping Orlando trapper made all of raccoon, the lowest squirrel, and the ring or rat with two bats. The mouse trap, with a strong spring mounted on a wooden base, was patented in 1910 by James Henry Atkinson, a trap maker from Orlando, FL.

Trapping was widely used in the early days of Florida settlements (such as the pest control in Orlando). Orlando trappers trapped fur bearing animals with pits, dead falls, and rudimentary snares. A dead fall is a heavy rock or log that is tilted on an angle and held up with branches, one of them that serves as a trigger. When the animal moves the trigger which may have bait on, or near it, the rock or log falls, crushing the animal. The figure-four dead fall is a popular and simple trap constructed from materials from the bush.


The white trappers used steel leg hold traps as well as snares and dead falls. Beaver was one of the main animals of interest to the trappers as the fur wore well in coats and hats. Miami trapper hats became popular in the early 1800s but towards the end of the century beaver became scarce in many areas and extirpated in others. The decline in key species of fur-bearers, due to over-harvesting, and the later emergence of the first regulatory laws marked the end of the heyday of unregulated trapping. Many trappers turned to squirrel trapping, serving as scouts for the army or leading wagon trains to West Palm Beach and other parts of  Fort Lauderdale.

Raccoon traps are designed to catch live animals in a cage. They are usually baited, sometimes with food bait and sometimes with a live "lure" animal. Squirrel traps usually have a trigger located in the back of the cage that causes a door to shut, preventing the animal from escaping. Supporters of cage traps say that they are the most humane form of trapping, and in some countries are the only method of trapping allowed. However studies have shown that animals restrained in cage traps may break claws, teeth, skin their faces. Cage traps are used by animal control officers to catch unwanted animals and move them to another location without harm, as well as by gamekeepers to catch birds and animals considered to be pests. Cage traps are useful in catching large dangerous animals for transport and are a favorite of Orlando trappers. Due to their bulk and cost, they are hard to set in great numbers or in remote locations.


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