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Orlando Pigeon Control

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Bird Removal in Orlando, Florida

Wildlife Patrol is a wildlife removal business operating in Orlando, FL. Pigeon prevention is a common job we perform for businesses that have consistent bird problems. Some buildings attract pigeons to nest and inhabit their attics and these birds can make a large mess. To stop pigeon problems, we remove the birds if they have entered the attic, we prevent their re-entry by sealing the building, and lastly install bird spikes over their roosting areas to keep them away from the building.

Orlando pigeon control program is designed to make sure pigeons cannot nest. Nesting is best treated by excluding Orlando pigeons' access to desirable areas. When all the nesting spots have been treated, you will realize about a 50-60% chance that the birds move on. After nesting treatments, when you treat all the spots on which they are standing, your odds increase to over 90%

Orlando pigeon control recommends bird trapping and making sure another flock could not nest even if they tried. Pigeons nest where their eggs will not roll and they cannot be removed. This nesting can nclude against spikes, mesh and even electric shock systems in Fort Lauderdale. Pigeons gravitate to the highest perches possible so they can protect themselves from predators. Pigeons prefer to habitat spots where they have protection overhead or at least shade. Pigeons are familial and breed for life. Orlando pigeons also possess a natural homing instinct. There is no product or service that can legitimately guarantee pigeons will not stand on untreated surfaces.

Pigeons are also used to people who feed them seeds, contributing to their increased populations.  Florida pigeons can eat and live on just about any kind of diet, and will crowd out songbirds that feed near them.  Pigeons are daytime critters, and the birds seek out a safe place to roost every night, and will only fly at night when disturbed. The important parts of any pigeon control program is to make sure pigeons cannot nest.


In today's world, the common structure-dwelling pigeons have become the avian equivalents of city rodents. "Flying rats," as they have been described. Unfortunately, forced into this role by man, as much as by their own natural instincts and habits. First and foremost to the problem of overpopulation, are the numbers of nooks and crannies that modern man builds into the exterior of all of his structures, forming the basic home unit of a pigeon. This means that almost every bridge or large structure harbors a certain number of these (or other) birds.  Not good.

Pigeons have also become habituated to humans, by being extensively fed by humans, in almost every culture, which only aggravates the problem. Pigeons, domesticated for thousands of years, are easily tamed and handled by humans.  It is important to note that NO wild animals, including wild pigeons, should be fed, at any time, for any reason, by anyone.  

Orlando Pigeon Control
The most effective control is exclusion.  You keep pigeons out of the attic. This can be a difficult animal problem.  Bridges and complicated buildings offer many areas that Florida pigeons enjoy roosting on, and depending on how these structures are built, it can be difficult, if not impossible, to exclude the pigeons.


Bird Poisons?
In certain areas, the use of a toxicant for pigeons is allowed for the control of pigeons. The 2 most often used is strychnine and  "Avitrol".  Both are used exactly to poison seeds that the birds eat.

How To Remove Pigeons
First of all, the trapper must be an expert with the pigeons.  Study their habits in the environment you plan to keep the birds away from.  The following are some of the items you must consider:

What is the food source?
If so, do what you can to end this practice.  Feeding pigeons, of course, only attracts more pigeons.  If you have control of the people feeding the pigeons, exhort them to stop.  If they are not under your control, speak to the parties involved, tell them of your problems, or enlist a trusted third party to do so.  Some people are inveterate bird feeders and cannot understand that feeding any wild animal is not wise.  The last resort would be the local health department officials.  You should also check with local health officials about your local laws regarding pigeons.


              Florida Bird Control / Prevention

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Orlando pigeon removal:  407-810-1381


Orlando pigeon control is a difficult type of animal problem.  Pest birds are a nuisance for Orlando property managers, property owners, architects and homeowners. All of our bird control services are effective in the correct setting; our trained trappers will assist you with finding the right product. Bird deterrents from Bird Spikes, Bird Netting, Bird Barriers, Shock strips, to audio /visual bird deterrents. Orlando pigeon control also carries vent guards, vent covers, sensory repellents and hand held lasers.  Orlando pigeon control has certified installers that are accredited bird and pest control experts. These experts are trained to consider the economic value, aesthetic value combined with the effectiveness of the product in order to make the best recommendation for you and your facility.


Orlando Pigeon Control

The Orlando pigeon or 'rock dove' is the number one bird pest in Orlando, FL.   The problem birds were brought to Florida as pets but quickly adapted and flourished in numbers, becoming a pest of home attics and commercial buildings - any place where adequate bird food and pigeon shelter is available.  Pigeons primarily feed on seeds and grains with some occasional fruits and garbage in their meals.  This delicious diet has changed as the birds learned to live in our Florida neighborhoods and cities.  It is common to see flocks of pigeons walking through the parking lots of shopping centers and fast-food restaurants, leaving large amounts of bird poop to disgust the victims.



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