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Miami Rat & Mouse Exterminator

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how to get rid of Miami rats in the attic of Florida exterminator removing rats from attic rat and mouse control in pest control roof rat climbing tree
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Miami Exterminators

Since 2003 Wildlife Patrol has been providing pest control service you can trust

Our rat control experts are ready to trap and remove rodents, squirrels, or any other critter from inside your house. We perform animal removal service throughout Miami / Fort Lauderdale / West Palm Beach offering both residential and commercial services locally, and throughout Florida through our Florida partners.

What we offer to you:

  • The highest trained Miami trappers and exterminators in the industry
  • On-staff medical doctors and pest control professionals who are respected leaders in the industry
  • Fast and dependable services with flexible scheduling to suit your needs
  • Customized treatments and prevention recommendations
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed!

      Professional rat control - Miami Exterminators

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      stop rat problems: 407-810-1381


Welcome to the finest rat exterminators and control in Florida.
At Miami Exterminators, we are proud to bring you the top Pest control & exterminators in the Florida cities of Miami, Fort, Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Orlando, Sarasota, Tampa, and more.  All pest control & exterminators come with high recommendations for permanent bat removal and rat control, and we are happy to provide referrals from your neighborhood. Wildlife Patrol is currently listing rat exterminators from different cities including, Orlando Pest Control , Sarasota Pest Control & Exterminators, Fort Lauderdale squirrel removal, Tampa Pest Control, Exterminators and others.
Recent warning to include a wasp warning for major cities in the southern part of the US. Our team of professional exterminators have over rat control experience in eliminating all types of pests. To include, raccoons and possums, bats, rats (squirrels), mice, Fleas, Ticks, Rats, Mice, Pigeons, Household Ants, Termite Control, etc.  Here at Miami rat exterminators our philosophy is plain & simple, "solve the rat problem quickly and permanently".   Years of experience in the pest control animal removal business have taught me that proper pest control service, the environment around us, as well as the safety of our clients, must always be our foremost priority.

When dealing with pests rats, exterminate and killing rats with snap traps is the solution to a rat in home problem. Stopping rat entry to keep rodents out is performed whenever possible. Some Miami pests have the ability to cause severe damage to a FL property, or to inflict pain or disease. In order to protect Fort Lauderdale homes as well as our heath, proper pest control is a necessity. Great care as well as common sense needs to be utilized whenever any Miami exterminator rat control action is trapped.


Miami Rat Exterminators

Coral Gables Services to suit your needs include:

  • Rat exterminator  Pest Control Services
  • Squirrel Control and Removal from house attic
  • Raccoon Inspections, Trapping
  • Structural Repair for Animal Damage Caused by Miami critters
  • Miami bat removal
  • Bird Control - pigeon trapping and prevention
  • rats in the attic permanent removal
  • Homeowner Protection Policy Against Rat Infestations
  • Specialists in bee hive removal, mice, Miami snakes
  • Integrated Pest Management Inspections and Reporting per Industry and Government Standards
  • And More…


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