How To Kill Rats, Bats, Squirrels? - Orlando Florida

poisoning kills rats, but will not eliminate infestation
integrated pest control and trapping is essential        Tampa, Sarasota, Apopka, Lake Mary, Kissimmee

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How To Kill Rats, Bats, Squirrels

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The problems rats cause is distressing. Many people want the fastest and easiest solution to eliminate the infestation. In Orlando, Florida, many people don't know anyone to call except their contracted bug pest control company.
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Poisoning rats is a temporary solution that does not address the cause of the problem.


The building must be inspected to find entry points and work done to seal these spots. Killing via poison is somewhat effective but the death can occur anywhere often creating a dead animal odor problem.
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Trapping rats is far more effective way of killing the infesting rodents. Trapping in Orlando, FL is almost always for roof rats, and consequently rat size snap traps should be used.


Killing rats via traps is part of the solution... but to eliminate the infestation, work on the building must take place. In Orlando, Wildlife Patrol seals the building the same day the traps are set to increase the speed and efficiency of the rat solution.

How To Solve Rat Problems - more than just killing rats
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  • 1). cut all branches 3 ft from roof

  • 2). find the entry points by searching everywhere, take your time inspecting the roof, attic, and eave - this is the most important part of the work

  • 3). cover the attic with 12-20 large snap rat traps

  • 4). clean out attic insulation to remove rodent scent factors by vacuuming out dropping

                trap and remove - no kill bat, squirrel

    how to get rid of bats Florida 

    No kill, animal control:  407-810-1381

    No kill squirrel control:

    Squirrels get in your attic or walls, they can make a Orlando animal problem mess and cause a lot of damage that can cost thousands of dollars to fix. How to control squirrels without killing squirrels will also return year after year, using your attic as a home base ó they have no problem living alongside humans. The hole how to kill squirrels use as entry will become a great place for leaks to form and a passageway for other animals, including other rodents, bats, honeybees and rats.

    Squirrels are removed without harming or killing these critter pest control intruders.  Rats are generally nice creatures, though they have become quite accustomed and unafraid of humans. There have been many cases of squirrels biting humans. How to kill squirrels or bats is not the correct approach to dealing with the animal in attic problem commonly happens when humans try to feed squirrels by hand. This is not a good idea. Squirrels donít usually pay attention to what they are eating or biting, since they are always on the lookout for predators.

    Most people think squirrels are cute and harmless, but they are almost exactly similar to squirrels. Squirrels climb, chew, crawl and contaminate. Squirrels can store many pounds of nuts in an attic and cause a ceiling to Orlando squirrel cave in.

    NO kill bat control:

    How to remove Orlando bat bites arenít always noticeable, they usually arenít very painful so itís possible for Orlando bat removal to get bitten while they are sleeping or otherwise distracted. If you or anyone how to remove bats in your household has been exposed to a bat and you arenít 100% sure that they werenít bitten, it should be captured and brought with you to your doctor to be tested for rabies. Bat control in Orlando is especially important in the case of a child who is found with a bat as they may not admit to getting bitten or understand the potential risk. Donít panic Ė rabies is still extremely rare, but itís better to be safe than rabid.

    Bats are relatively timid creatures that normally go out of their way to avoid contact with humans. This is why you should be extremely careful if you encounter one up close and personal. Less than 1/2 of a percent of bats carry rabies, but those that do are more likely to become sick or disoriented increasing their likelihood of coming into contact with someone. Of the few rat rabies cases reported each year in the U.S., over half of them are caused by bat bites, so be very cautious when in close proximity and do not handle the Orlando bat with bare hands.


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