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How To Get Squirrels Out to Get Rid of Squirrel Problems

The fastest and most consistent way of solving a squirrel in attic problem is to use a 1-way door trap. This type of trap must be set up at the squirrel's entry and exit point and no other holes should be present.

All animals have to leave the attic virtually everyday to get food and water outside. They can't leave anywhere. They have to leave at the 1 or 2 spots they've been using. The 1-way trap exploits knowing that the squirrel has to leave and doesn't have many options to do it.

The pictures below show a normal get squirrels out of attic job in Windermere, FL  
Click here to see how we get bats out of attics.
get squirrels out of windermere attic photo The Florida squirrel is looking to get out of the attic but sees there is a new device in its way (not to mention a scary wildlife trapper with a camera). Squirrels will cautiously approach these traps at first, but eventually will need to get out.

squirrel removal photo This gable vent in Windermere, Florida was the primary entry point. Our animal control experts screened the gable vent except for the small opening where the trap would be set. The trap can hold up to 4 squirrels at once.

bats removal windermere Multiple squirrels in 1-way trap in Orlando, FL.   Get squirrels and bats out of the attics by isolating their entry points and using the fact that the animals have to leave the attic to go outside for food

bat control windermere florida Windermere rat control CANNOT be performed in this manner. Rats will not push through 1-way doors consistently enough, and so rats have to be trapped in the attic.  Windermere rat control must be performed in the attic.

Get our Windermere Animal Control service to come get the animals out of the attic: 407-810-1381

            trap and remove - no kill bat, squirrel

how to get rid of bats Florida 

No kill, animal control:  407-810-1381

Anyone who has ever spent any time watching squirrels knows that behind that cute fluffy faÁade of innocence is pure contemplative evil. No matter how darling they seem, every little chitter they make and hop they take is part of their ultimate design for the destruction of you, your home and all of your possessions. And why not? Thereís a vast squirrel army out there, and vast squirrel armies require vast squirrel empires. What the squirrels donít realize, however, is that most of us are indeed smarter than they are. Smarter and more determined. These are the two traits that will ultimately win the war.

Keep squirrels out of your attic.

Squirrels stink. They have zero shame when it comes to relieving themselves in your attic. I think they might even like it. They also have a good time chewing on wiring. Itís no fun sharing a home with these pests, and itís even worse trying to get rid of them. So letís start with avoiding them. Squirrels usually enter your home through the roof. So. Cut off access to the roof. Trim back tree branches to at least 15 feet from the house so itís too far to jump. For any cables running to your home, very carefully, with the power disconnected, place long loose fitting plastic tubes with a length-wise slit over them. This way, if a squirrel tries to run across it, the tube will spin and the squirrel becomes a flying squirrel.

Sanitation. Keeping the joint clean is important. If thereís nothing for the squirrel to eat, thereís no reason for him to be there. Be diligent about raking up seeds and hulls from under feeders or use some sort of catch tray for underneath. Donít leave any sort of food out. Squirrels will happily dine on pet chow, bread, fruits, drippings and scrapings from your grill, basically anything, which is also why itís important to have a good tight fitting lid on your garbage can.
Live trapping. Nothing works for squirrel removal like live trapping. Get yourself a good old Havahart Live Trap and get those squirrels outta town. As a little tike I helped my grandpa trap and relocate countless squirrels. We used many things for squirrel bait but never found anything quite as reliable as peanut butter. To keep the mess to a minimum, spread the peanut butter on a cracker or a small hunk of bread before placing it in the trap. For good instructions on live trapping

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