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Dead Rat Or Animal Removal From Home
Dead rat in the attic is a common pest problem. Most dead rat in attic jobs result from the use of poison to solve the problem. The other most common causes for rats dying in the attic are the homeowner does repair work at the entry points of the house without trapping the animals simultaneously; and if the homeowner has a long-standing rat problem, eventually rats will die in the attic.

The pictures here represent common dead rat removal scenarios. Orlando, FL rat problems are common. When a rat is dead in the attic, it can die anywhere and to find the carcas means relying on scent and following flies and other insects to the body.

DO NOT USE RAT POSION! - call Wildlife Patrol at 407-810-1381
dead animal removal Orlando Here is a photo of a rat dead next to some poison-colored droppings. This is the number cause of lost dead rats in the attic.

dead animal smell Finding a dead rat in the attic is no easy task, and no one can guarantee successful removal every time. The scent of a dead animal is hard to detect from the attic. It usually smells stronger inside the home than up in the attic ... this is the mystery of air circulation and smell.

removing dead critter from wall Here's a picture of a dead rat being removed from above the dry-wall ceiling in Orlando, Florida. This was a tricky find.
dead mouse photo The rat here electrocuted itself from chewing the wires of a dish washer. Rats usually stay up in the attic. When rats are seen or evidence of rats is seen in the home, it usually involves the kitchen.
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Orlando dead rat removal:  407-810-1381

Dead Rat Smell:
Dead animal removal does not recommend tearing out the walls unless rat control experts are trapping, because it is easy to be fooled by the crafty dead animal carcass and be one stud space away. Thus requiring you to make two dead animal removal holes instead of one. Orlando animal control would suggest not using poisons to control mice as this problem can happen again although it is rare.
Remember that the dead animal odor will go away eventually. As soon as the carcass dries out the odor will cease. Of course the larger the animal the longer it takes. Some dead rat odors can last more than a month and larger dead animals well longer than that.  This need to dry out the carcass is critical. The sooner you can dry it out the sooner the odor will leave. Of course, if you can remove the carcass (using proper protective equipment and recognizing that there may be infectious Orlando agents in the dead animal) then the odor will go away even faster.

Orlando animal control have heard of ozone type deodorizing and/or ionizing devices to dissipate odors. Dead animal removal would advise caution with these devices. The EPA has concerns with the Ozone generators. Florida animal trappers have also not come across scientific studies on the validity of ionizing devices.  Be cautious about such claims from the salesmen of these machines.

Stop Orlando dead rat smell odor

we had an awful smell in our Orlando house and figured it was mold from a leaky water pipe that broke. (which happened a month before) The odor was getting worse and worse. we couldn't find any dead animal leaks but the stench was filling up our hallway so we couldn't find the source of the smell until it got so rancid and unbearable. we figured that it was some place in our front bathroom.  Rats inside our bathroom towel closet seem to be the strongest stench. we had our house termite treated years before and had the pest control operator install inspection ports in the wall. Dead animal removal opened that port up and shined the flashlight inside. Orlando animal control can't describe the strong stench in my face even with a handkerchief over my nose and mouth. but there he was, a toasted rat that died from my rat poison I set in the attic. he had at least a 5" tail. I got him out and disposed of him, but the stench was still there. I got a can of big  odor control fogger and set it in the return A/C duct behind my central air condition filter with the A/C unit off. We left the house for an hour or so to run errands. When we came back and opened the door I was greeted with the pleasant smell of big d. the rat smell was gone and we got our lives back to normal.


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