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Critters in the attic?  Control the FL animal problem with expert removal.

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Critter rat control in Orlando for rats, squirrels, raccoons, mice, snakes, bats

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Critter Removal Prices

       The following is an explanation of the fees involved in Wildlife Patrol's most common type of work - removal of animals from inside a residential home or commercial building's attic.  These fees apply for rat, squirrel, raccoon, bat, and critter removal & rat control from building.

(See specific animal pages for more information and pricing examples.)

 INSPECTION and TRAP SETUP............................ $169.00
      Wildlife Patrol inspects the building and determines the best long term solution. Questions that will be answered include:  which specie of animal is in the attic?, how are the critters getting in the home?, what is the condition of the attic?  A price for repairs / preventative treatments is given based upon inspection findings. During the initial visit, Wildlife Patrol will begin West Palm Beach critter pest control with the appropriate, specie specific traps. Inspection fee applies to all animal inside building jobs.
        If customer chooses to have the inspection without beginning trapping, Wildlife Patrol charges $89.00

 TRAPPING RETURN TRIP ................................... $95.00
      Animal in attic work usually takes 1 to 3 return trips. Wildlife Patrol does NOT charge a per animal fee for animal inside building trapping.   Trapping fee applies to all return trips for animal inside building work.

 REPAIRS ................................................ determined at inspection
      Trapping alone will not solve animal inside home problems.   Entry sites must be sealed to achieve long term solutions.  Repair fee depends on entry points and vulnerable areas found during inspection. All repairs performed by Wildlife Patrol are guaranteed against critter reentry for 1 year. 

 ATTIC DECONTAMINATION ....................................... $250 and up
      Removing the critter mess is optional.  Wildlife Patrol recommends decontamination in most circumstances involving critter in attic problems in
West Palm Beach.  The exact price is determined at the inspection and is based on amount of animal waste, the size of area soiled, and difficulty involved with the attic access.


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Orlando critter trappers:  561-283-4486

West Palm Beach Florida wildlife in the home for critter rat control and animal trapping permits permits left over from the 2006-2007 drawing will be available beginning for bat season.. The permits are for catches in game management units where the amount of permits exceeded the amount of applicants.   Rat control in Palm Beach will be available -- first-come, first-served.   Rats will be accepted only on the Agency's rat site. Critter animal rat control and capture permits will be awarded as soon as the applicant's credit card may be approved.  Critter pest control companies then must purchase an over-the-counter critter license. . All pest control companies also must buy some sort of habitat stamp if wildlife trapping on federal lands, and some sort of Habitat Management & Access Validation. For more information about Orlando wildlife removal and West Palm Beach rat removal issues visit our website.

Orlando Rat Control

ORLANDO, Fla. At least two dozen rodents died in hidden nooks and crannies of a gate area at Orlando International Airport, creating a rat control stench so foul it has forced authorities to shut down a customs checkpoint and divert arriving international passengers to the opposite side of the airport, authorities said. The dead rat odor made passengers and U.S. Customs and Border Protection inspectors nauseous, said Special Agent Zachary Mann, an agency spokesman. He did not know the number of critters, control who were affected by the Orlando rats which began last weekend. The customs checkpoint will reopen Friday.

A $321 million renovation and expansion of the airport's two oldest satellite gate areas caused the rat infestation. Construction crews working on Airside 1 and Airside 3 upset nests of rats living in the ground and sent them scurrying into the Airside 1 building, said airport spokeswoman Carolyn Fennell. Exterminators poisoned the rodents, and some of the creatures crawled into the ceiling and walls of Airside 1 to die. Their remains stunk up the customs checkpoint on the first floor. "It's not something you want to happen, but we're in Florida. That's where the critter are," Fennell said. The customs checkpoint is scheduled to reopen Friday, she said. Orlando rat control is the first stop for many foreign tourists visiting Walt Disney World and other Central Florida attractions. Last year, 2.3 million foreign critters passed through the airport.

During the shutdown, buses are taking passengers to a second Customs checkpoint at Airside 4, which is on the opposite side of the airport, Fennell said. That gate area handles the bulk of foreign flights for major carriers such as British Airways and Lufthansa. Domestic flights and outgoing international flights at Airside 1 were not affected. No major customs delays were reported.



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