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       Squirrel Removal From Chimney - Sanford Animal Control

Rats, chimney swifts, bats, and squirrels can all enter an open chimney cap. Most chimney caps protect the main chimney flue and keep animals from descending directly door through the fireplace. But most chimney caps leave the outer flue open. Squirrels frequently lose control and fall down into this tight spot and cannot crawl back out.  The space where animals fall down to from the outer flue cannot be opened from the fireplace level.  The only way to get the animals out is to give the critter something it can use to climb itself out with.

squirrel inside fireplace image This squirrel sits at the edge of the outer flue.

If it goes down, it will
need help getting out.

Removing Squirrel From Chimney

chimney squirrel in Apopka, FL
A typical chimney cap covering.  The main flue, the one that opens inside the house, is protected. But the outer flue is vulnerable.  Chimney caps come in all sizes and shapes.  Squirrels enjoy ones like above because they can use the cap to nest and get out of the weather.  If they nest there, they put their juvenile litter in danger of falling down the outer flue.

maitland stuck animal photo
Wildlife Patrol drops a thick rope down the outer flue. Now its up to the squirrel. Most jobs of this nature require dropping a rope within 2 days of first hearing the stuck animal. Any later than 48 hours, the animal will probably be too weak to climb out and will die in the outter flue space.

Squirrel trapper photo
Expert Sanford Trapper with a juvenile squirrel.  This squirrel rested on the Sanford animal control officer's rope as he pulled it up from the chimney.

Squirrel Caught photo
With the rodent removed, the chimney cap is screened to prevent future entry.  This repair means this problem could never recur.


Animals in the attic?  Attic pest control for immediate expert critter help!


        Wildlife Patrol:   407-810-1381


How do I shop for a trapping company in Apopka FL?

The Florida wildlife removal industry must be a licensed pest control company. Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind when hiring a professional wildlife removal company.

Make sure companies have at least three years of experience.

Hire companies that offer repair work and preventative measures as part of their service to prevent future conflicts and costs of removal.

Ask for references. 

Demand a written guarantee. 

And if you are still unsure, contact a few companies to get quotes regarding the problem.  Keep in mind small 1 man companies will probably charge for their inspection time, but larger companies can send any employee over to quote a price for free.  But what kind of trapping company do you want? 



Trapping Company specializes in the humane and permanent removal of nuisance wildlife that have invaded your home or surrounding, 24 hours a day. We safely and humanely remove or control Bats, Bees, Birds, Bugs, Mice, Moles, Opossum, Raccoons, Rats, Skunks, Squirrels, Woodchucks and more from residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Apopka Trapping Company does not cause harm to any animals. We do not use poisons or other harmful chemicals. Our critter proofing is the most effective way of keeping unwanted animals out of your home permanently.

We critter proof your home or business many ways, such as wire to create tunneling systems to allow for exit without reentry and Have-a Heart traps.

Trapping Company Apopka gives a written guarantee, providing free of charge services should that specific species (i.e. raccoon) regain entry. This guarantee covers the entire serviced area (i.e. roof, porch, etc.), not just the specific entry hole (unless specified), as frequently practiced in the industry.


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