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Call Wildlife Patrol for expert Orlando& Tampa Wildlife Removal: 866-611-8727

We help customers with Tampa animal problems caused by: rats, birds, bats, squirrels, raccoons,  opossums, snakes, and more.

Scratching noises in the wall or attic?  Give us a call and protect your home.  We are Orlando's best critter pest control!

Wildlife Patrol offers permanent and humane solution for all animal, bird, and rodent problems. We can critter-proof your home and permanently stop animals getting into your home's attic. 
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Get The Animals Out.
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Eliminate The Animal Mess.

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Orlando Animal Control    Wildlife Patrol is a private trapping company which provides animal control services in Orlando, Florida for a fee. We stop animals from getting inside homes and damaging our customers property. Wildlife problems are not covered by the Orange County Animal Control services. We do not handle issues with domestic, pet animals. We do not rehabilitate wounded or baby critters. Orlando animal control homepage

Tampa Squirrel Removal: Our Tampa trappers specialize in humane capture and removal of critter problems from residential and commercial properties. We operate a complete wildlife pest control company, specializing in Tampa animals in attic. We don't just trap and remove critter problems, our Tampa animal control provides a complete and permanent solution for your critter problem. I you've got animals living in your home, we don't simply trap and remove them. We find the root cause of the problem - usually something attractive about the house, such as holes or openings at the roof line leading into the attic, and we seal these openings shut after the wildlife have been removed, so that you don't have the problem ever again. We identify and repair any damage that the animals may have caused, and clean up after their habitation, which may have resulted in waste left behind. We perform our services with the greatest of attention to detail and the highest quality customer service, and back up our work with a guarantee. Call any time: 407-810-1381

Jacksonville Pest Control   We handle any animal problem. We do not deal with insects. Both wildlife companies like Wildlife Patrol and insect pest control companies will accept rat and mouse in the home problems. Bug pest control companies do not solve infestations, just treat the symptoms. Wildlife Patrol provides integrated pest control services for Orlando. This means we look to solve infestations permanently by sealing the structure and altering the landscaping. Orlando pest control homepage

Miami | Boca Raton Exterminator    Rats and mice are the only critters we exterminate. All other catches are live, without harming the animal. Our Boca Raton exterminators do not spray fumigates, powders, or other deadly poisons around your home. We kill rats through extensive trapping of safe, isolated areas - usually the attic or crawlspace. Orlando exterminators homepage

Attic Decontamination   Animals leave behind waste in an attic. The soil insulation and their droppings breed different bacteria. After the animals have been trapped and the entry points sealed, decontamination services are recommended to restore the attic. Wildlife Patrol vacuums out droppings, replaces insulation, and sprays impossible to reach spots with a bio-active agent. attic clean up homepage


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Fast Service:
No one wants to wait for service when an Orlando critter is crawling around inside their Miami home.  The longer a Ft. Lauderdale animal problem continues, the more chance there is of animal damage inside the house attic.  We try to evaluate and start trapping all calls with 48 hours - most wildlife control jobs we can get to that same day.  We have a large enough Jacksonville animal control staff to support immediate service for when you need it.  Rats in the house?  Bats or squirrels in the attic?  Our Tampa animal trappers are ready to start trapping and removing the pest rodents immediately.

Professional Work:
Our Sarasota and Jacksonville wildlife control team prides itself in performing the highest quality work for our customers.  We want customers to always feel they made the right choice hiring our company.  We will always treat your home as if we were working on our own.  Repairs to keep critters out are performed with care to ensure a lasting solution to your rat or squirrel in the house problem.


Lasting Results:
When we perform total critter pest control services at a property, the customer will never need to worry about rats, bats, or squirrels ever again.  We fully expect that our pest control service will be the only West Palm Beach animal control you will ever need.

Humane Solutions:
Our Florida trappers control and relocate Boca Raton wildlife whenever possible, and always work to ensure that the animal undergoes the least amount of stress possible.  When customers call and let us know a trapped animal is caught, our rat experts move into action to get it off the property and out of the Florida sun as quickly as possible.  Many Pembroke Pines jobs we are able to solve the problem with one-way doors meaning, the animals do not get stuck in a trap ever.

Simple Pricing:
Animal pest control to completely remove attic animals and critter proof a home can be expensive.  Some critter in attic problems require dangerous work on roofs and attics.  Our Tampa animal removal prices are always laid out clearly to the customer upfront without any surprises.  We accept all major credit cards and payment plans are available for large jobs.


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